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Accelerant Research Panel Registration Survey

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The specific survey you are trying to reach is no longer available.

Instead, you now have the opportunity to join our research panel and get paid for your opinions.
You have taken the first step towards entering yourself into the sweepstakes prize of $500 that we are offering once every three months for being part of our research panel (Click here for the rules of sweepstakes entry). The sweepstakes winnings are sent either via Visa gift card or PayPal. Even if you don’t win the sweepstakes prize, we will still pay you for your time on each research study in which you participate. You may receive up to $25, $50, $100 or even more for providing us your opinions. As a member of the Accelerant Research panel, we will strive to bring you an experience unlike any other research panel in the industry. In addition, we pledge to never sell your personal information to any other organization for marketing or any other purpose. As proof, please feel free to review our Privacy Policy by clicking on the link.

We will invite you to research studies that are interesting, engaging, and a lot of fun, but first you need to be registered in our panel. Please begin by clicking the "Next" below and filling out the survey. Be prepared to answer a set of questions about yourself so that we will know as much as we can in advance and invite you to appropriate studies that we can be sure you will qualify.
By registering for our panel, you agree to Accelerant Research’s Privacy Policy  and Terms of Use.